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The Voice of Your People, Organized

Call the RallyUS team at 312-278-3550 to find out more or schedule a demo. Not only can you run your entire communications strategy from a single screen, but our dashboard gives access to detailed analytics with the click of a button. We’ve even amplified our search engine to simplify extracting profile data. Take a look at our additional features below:

3 Feature Highlights

At-the-Door Tools

Custom polls, surveys, questionnaires, resident data seamlessly integrated into your central constituent database.

Automated Constituent Profiles

Each custom profile automatically captures all incoming email and phone data.

Next Generation Data Security

Our online security system uses off-site backups and the latest in blockchain technology, guaranteeing that your data is secure and tamper-proof.

Search Anyone, Anywhere

We’ve simplified searching for constituents. Our search capabilities gives field organizers and users a 31-37% quicker search and respond rate compared to traditional methods.

Your Target Market, Simplified

Our blockchain technology secures all information about a constituent and delivers it to the administrator in real-time. We also give our users the option to create custom polls, surveys, and questionnaires, therefore creating additional streams of resident data.

Analytics Made Easy

Admin can view analytics of all efforts. An outreach campaign can view, organize, and disseminate information gathered any time. Rallyus’ gamified experience has proven to build morale and productivity.

Spend more time making a difference.

Call the RallyUS team at 312-278-3550 to find out more or schedule a demo.